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Expecting Energy Savings From Window Films?

Here’s the quick answer to this common question: It is obvious and well-known that window films on any home, office, or commercial building can have dramatic impacts on energy bills savings. When the weather is warm, window film can reduce air conditioning costs and save on lighting costs by reducing solar heat gain, while still …

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How Much Does Window Tinting Cost?

Window tinting is very affordable and can often pay for itself Homeadvisor posted this article on how much window tinting cost: Window Tinting Costs Homeowners pay $589 on average for window tinting for the home, ranging from $317 and $904. The cost of the film ranges from $2 to $100 per square foot, with an …

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What are Transitional Window Films?

These high-tech window films can transform your views and allow you to get the most enjoyment from your windows What are Transitional Window Films? Transitional window films adapt from clear to tinted when exposed to sunlight. They maximize daylighting by darkening when the sun is out, while remaining clear on dark, rainy days. They conserve …

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What Are the Different Types of Window Tinting?

Different types of window film provide different benefits Taken from Bob Villa, a home advice site, these are the different types of window tinting options provided by Frost Shades. There are three main types of window film, each of which is installed on home windows for a different reason: Solar tinting: This option is recommended …

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